National Match Shim loose AR15 Upper Lower Receiver Slack,
                AR15 Wiggle Wobble, receiver Play, AR-15 Shim AccuWedge Ar15 Slack, Tighten AR15

Tightens Receivers Rock Solid, Improves Handling, Helps Accuracy, Slows Wear    

A National Match Shim presses easily into the upper receiver recess located next to the takedown pin lug. The shim supports the sides of the receivers and eliminates play without altering the original takedown pin configuration. The shim is surfaced by hand until the takedown pin fits snug for target shooting or reduce thickness more for a pin that glides through perfectly aligned bores, either way the receivers will feel tight and right. Installation involves removing rail mounted accessories. Tools needed: caliper, screwdriver and pliers.

Will the shim work in your rifle?  
Visually verify the chamber is cleared. Open the receivers, remove the charge handle and bolt carrier group. If present remove the polymer AccuWedge. Lay a blade type .012" automotive feeler gauge across the lower receiver above the safety lever. Close and hold the receivers together firmly. If the takedown pin resists any when pushed or finds resistance passing through the receivers means the shim should work. If the pin passes through with no resistance means the shim may not work. Also check the recess depth, it should be .090" deep.

Remedies for receivers that gauge too loose...

Replace pivot and takedown pins measuring under .248" diameter. Upper and lower receiver pin bores should be close to .249" - .250" diameter. Pin bores slightly over .250" can be fitted with oversize pins available from The takedown pin lug bore in many upper receivers is an approximate .250" x .260" slot machined to align with various lower receivers, measure vertical wear. Gauge receivers for shim compatibility, replace out of spec components and install a National Match Shim.

Installation/Fitting Requires Gunsmithing Skills.

Installation Basics

  Includes: Shim, Delrin Pin Driver,
Gripper Block, Aluminum Oxide Strip, Applicator, Instructions.

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